Contemporary classroom innovation: Exploration

Today's students expect more than lectures more from higher education. Contemporary students are searching for the education they need to advance in the workplace, though they want their education to be engaging, applicable, and relevant to the real-world. Technology and innovation are in the news almost every day and people automatically think about their phones, computers, and self-driving cars. Innovation is the "the design, invention, development and/or implementation of new or altered products, services, processes, systems, organization structures or business models for the purpose of creating new value for customers" (DasGupta, 2017, p. 345). Innovation keeps businesses relevant and successful. Having an innovative organizational culture is becoming vital to the success and relevancy of business and thus, in education today. In secondary and post-secondary education, usage of technology has increased dramatically in online education. This paper and will explore the iterative process that the researchers are taking toward incorporating innovation and technology into the classroom.