Using smartphones for formative assessment in the flipped classroom

Flipped classrooms are by design highly interactive. As a result, formative assessment is a necessary component of the flipped classroom. Professors need to be able to assess students' in the class, use this assessment information to inform classroom activities in real time and personalize learning for their students. One way to integrate formative assessment in the flipped class is with the use of smartphones. This paper describes strategies used to effectively incorporate smartphones into the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Examples of innovative teaching practices to improve student understanding and performance using a classroom response system app are provided. Ways to capitalize on the benefits and minimize distractions from smartphone use are discussed. Data from exit surveys administered to assess students' perception of mobile technology effectiveness in the classroom are also reported. Results suggest that using this technology enhances student understanding of course concepts. Using the strategies outlined in this paper, professors will gain insight into students' understanding of course materials and these insights could be used to guide current and future lesson plans.